Our Roots

We take food seriously.

Agriculture cultivates more than just the food on our plates. It is an industry that values the hardworking individual and encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle. Our personal connections to agriculture are diverse. Some of us grew up on the family farm. Many of us are Salinas Valley natives. Yet we all share a profound respect for where our food comes from.

Get to know your team.

Nick Pasculli

Founder, President & CEO

My grandfather was a farmer in Italy before migrating to the United States, and my father worked in various sectors of the produce industry his entire career. Being exposed to the fresh food industry at an early age inspired my own career path, leading me to work for produce companies like Tanimura & Antle, Naturipe and D’Arrigo Brothers before founding TMD. Leading creative campaigns for the fresh produce industry is never dull, and always rewarding.

Cannot live without:
Berries and Brussels Sprouts

Debra Parcasio

Accounting & Operations Coordinator

My father was a grower for Tanimura & Antle for over 50 years after serving in the US Army during WWII. From sugar beets and tomatoes to broccoli and lettuce, some of my earliest memories are working on the ranch with my siblings, teaching me the value of a strong work ethic at an early age. Much of my family is still in the Salinas Valley to this day, including my brother, who is a produce broker, and my sister who owns a Carmel Valley wine label.

Cannot live without:
Strawberries and Broccoli

Christopher Sandor

Director of User Interface Design

My first summer job was working at a fertilizer company. I enjoy composting, gardening and volunteering for San Diego Ag in the Classroom, a great program that encourages young kids to appreciate agriculture through school gardening projects. As a new dad, I look forward to sharing these experiences with my own son. If I didn’t study computer science, I would have studied horticulture.

Cannot live without:
Mushrooms and Avocados

Nicole Neadeau

Senior Designer

My dad was raised on an Arkansas farm that had a large variety of crops and farm animals. I have been with TMD for over 10 years — one of the clients I love working with is Cal Ag Leadership. Their team is dedicated to helping career-minded professionals advance in the fresh produce industry.

Cannot live without:
Grapefruit and Avocados (tied!) and Zucchini

Lindsey Wrenn

Senior Designer & Editor

Four generations of my family lived on an egg farm in Southern California. Growing up in San Diego, I was taught at an early age that you can pretty much put avocado on anything! Now that I live on the Central Coast, I enjoy going to local farmers markets, where I can bring home fresh finds to cook for my family and friends. Designing for Ocean Mist Farms is truly fulfilling as artichokes encourage people to share meals together.

Cannot live without:
Avocados and Artichokes (California staples!)

Francisco Murillo, Jr.

Senior Designer

I grew up in a small town in Northern California called Galt. Being raised in a farming community, and having parents who have worked in the produce industry, I view agriculture as the foundation of my beginnings. One of my first jobs was working at a packing plant for a season, which only deepened my respect for those who work in this labor-intensive industry. Cooking is another creative outlet for me — I love sharing ideas and connecting with others over a good, home-cooked meal!

Cannot live without:
Homegrown Tomatoes and Garlic (it’s a vegetable, look it up!)

Amairani Resendiz

Manager, Client Services & Assistant to CEO

When I attended CSUMB, I was a founding member of the university’s Agribusiness Club. After I graduated, I was excited to land a job at TMD where I now manage projects for many agriculture companies in the Salinas Valley and beyond. I was raised in Hollister, so I love everything about the outdoors, and serve on the board of Central Coast Young Farmers and Ranchers as their marketing director.

Cannot live without:
Strawberries and Carrots

Yarely Chino

Lead Web Developer

I was raised in Greenfield, a beautiful town surrounded by ranches in the heart of the Salinas Valley. When I attended Hartnell College, I worked on a mobile app project that could assist in detecting diseases in locally grown tomatoes, a project definitely inspired by my dad who worked as a tomato farmer for over 20 years. It’s only fitting that I now get to build websites and apps for produce companies across the world.

Cannot live without:
Mangos and Corn (grilled is my favorite)

Thalia Villalobos

Web Developer

I am a Salinas native! Growing up in this community has given me a unique perspective, not to mention many of my own family members work for large produce companies in this area. I live in a neighborhood where families share fruits and vegetables with each other on a regular basis, acts of kindness that make me feel proud to be raised in a farming community.

Cannot live without:
Watermelon and Carrots

Amos Strauss

Client Services Coordinator

I was raised in Salinas, so my early interest in food science and sustainability is what led me to further my education in agribusiness. I’ve gained experience in food safety working for companies like Bengard Ranch, and when I attended UC Davis I held leadership positions in our professional fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho. If I could endorse any brand, it would definitely be Imperfect Produce, as food waste is a huge issue in our country.

Cannot live without:
Strawberries and Broccoli

Cristina Cachux


If I can help the fresh produce community thrive through great design, I will feel grateful. As the newest designer on the team, I have already learned so much about this industry. Working with forward-thinking organizations like the Organic Produce Network has connected me with game-changers like Tonya Antle, shedding light on a whole community full of people dedicated to positive change!

Cannot live without:
Watermelon and Asparagus