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Olinday Farms

Metzer Farms, a family-owned farm and hatchery in Gonzales, California has been raising waterfowl since 1972. Three generations later, the family decided to start a company that would market fresh duck eggs to chefs, restaurateurs, retailers and foodservice companies. Using a bright blue that stands out on the shelves, their retail cartons feature a custom illustration of Gonzales, home to their family farm. Upon opening the carton, home cooks will find useful tips on how to incorporate duck eggs into every meal, no matter the time of day.

Ocean Mist Farms

Ocean Mist Farms has worked with our team on numerous packaging initiatives. After analyzing consumer data, our team discovered that when it comes to artichokes, shoppers were interested in simple cooking tips and recipes. This particular artichoke handle bag was designed for Costco, featuring an easy-to-follow recipe and nutritional benefits. Castroville, California is referred to as "The Artichoke Center of the World", a unique region where the mist from the coast allows for prime growing conditions. Our in-house illustrator created a picturesque scene of a Castroville artichoke field that has been implemented across packaging, collateral, and trade show signage.

Andy Boy

The Andy Boy label has adorned grocery store shelves for over four generations. Founded by two Italian brothers, the D'Arrigo family has built a long-standing company founded on quality, innovation and dedication to their employees and customers. With pink as their signature color, it is only fitting that the company continues to make significant contributions to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation every year.

Berry People

Berry People of Hollister, California approached us in 2017 for help with designing packaging for their new line of organic and conventional berries. Dedicated to their community of growers, buyers, and consumers, it was important that their values and fresh perspectives be reflected in their packaging. Our designers came up with a colorful system that would distinguish each berry variety from the others. Taking inspiration from their tagline "Together, we grow", we used colorful circles as a way of creating unity among important design elements, while staying compliant with North American produce labeling guidelines.



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